There are certain parameters that limit property acquisition, especially when the property is still under construction. In such cases, floor plans come are the go to option. Nevertheless, how many people actually know how to read a floor plan? In this quick guide, we shall review the several symbols included in floor plans that will allow you to visualize a condo that is still under construction.

The Basics

Floor plans show the layout and structure of a residential living area from a birds-eye view. The plan has basic information such as number of bathrooms, number of rooms, floors, and several amenities included within the unit. Floor plans in the Singaporean market typically use the imperial system whereby the unit’s size indicated in square feet.


One useful way of finding out where to start while visualizing a floor plan is locating the main door. A quarter circle represent doors and the arc helps in determining the direction to which the door is opened (inwards or outwards). Apart from bomb shelters, most doors in Singapore usually swing inwards. Knowing the direction of swing is important in knowing the spacing of the area left behind the door.


Most homeowners have their own extra ideas and there comes a point when one wall needs removal to make more space. In such cases, you need to remove those walls that do not hold the structural integrity of the building. Structural walls are non removable and represented by thick lines on a floor plan while their non-structural counterparts represented by thin lines. Generally, walls that surround the entire unit are structural while those interior partitions are most likely non-structural except for bomb shelters in HBD units.


In Singapore homes, you will find two types of windows-sliding windows and casement windows. Thin lines in between walls represent sliding windows, as casement windows are similar to doors only that they come in pairs. Many homeowners consider lighting as an important aspect in a living unit, so knowing the orientation of windows is very important.

Floor Layout

Let us imagine ourselves walking in that condo that is yet to be finished. What is the first thing you see? Kitchen? Living room? Bathroom? Such a kind of approach will show you exactly how the floor plan looks like and you will be able to adjust accordingly. Most grocery shoppers would want the kitchen close to the main door to avoid walking around with ten bags of groceries every week! If you fancy entertainment, then obviously the living area should be closer to the main door. Others living private lifestyles would rather choose the main door facing a staircase or windows that lead to the backyard. It all depends on your lifestyle.

Concisely, a floor plan should be your main weapon of choice before you decide to lay out your signature on a dotted paper. Use the floor plan to visualize your space from the moment you walk in the house as you move around the rooms and floors. Nevertheless, you will soon realize that not all floor plans will suit your lifestyle and its completely okay.