Ion orchard

This mall is approximately 1.5 km away from Jervois Road; it has a unique, wonderful and classy atmosphere that customers enjoy around the mall. The stores are of high quality with the best quality commodities made available for all customers and at affordable prices. The sales men are aggressive and hardworking offering the best services to their customers. Moreover, the display in the stores is gigantic and lit to attract the customers especially on the shoe stores.


This mall is 2.0 km away from Jervois Road. The mall is well ventilated with a very good ventilating system put in place around the entire mall, with high standards of cleanliness being kept throughout.In addition the mall is more calmer than all other malls around Singapore. There are waiting seats in between the shopping spree that people can relax while taking their breaks.The mall is considered as a place of high end type of shopping centers around Singapore.

Orchard road

This mall is 2.1 km away from Jervois Road. The mall is always very lively more so on the weekends when most of domestic workers have their offs. In addition there is a chilling spot in front of the mall where the customers can enjoy and relax. Moreover, their stores are the most browsed stores in comparison to the other stores in Singapore.


This mall is approximately 3.3km away from Jervois Road. It is known for its magnificent beauty, especially during the night. In addition it is more known for its fun art space that is available, which appears more than that where the shopping mall settles.

Queensway shopping Centre

It is approximately 2.2 km away from Jervois Road. It is the most amazing mall of all others in Singapore. It is characterized by Lasksa smell that is just mind blowing when smelt. They sell sporting apparel, sporting gear, optometrist, and tailors. In addition local foods are readily made available in the mall to their customers.

Tanglin Mall

It is approximately 1.1 km away from Jervois Road and thus the nearest to the road compared to the others. It has a supermarket at the basement. There are medical and dental services offered within the mall as well as two addition there is a Japanese restaurant in the mall. The mall offers things to please the western experts and the wealthy locals that live around. Moreover the mall is not so crowded compared to others as it is far from MRT station.

Great World City

It is 1.2km away from Jervois Road. It has frequent visitations by expatriates and foreigners. It is petty decorated during the Christmas and there are some shops that are unique.

Orchard Tower

It is 1.6 km away from Jervois Road. In it there are restaurants, bars, offices shops, among others. At=night the scenery changes a bit and the reputation seems worse than reality. The restaurants are known for offering best t Thai food.

Tiong Bahru Plaza

It is 1.1 km away from Jervois Road. It offers good spread foods electronics, apparels, among other necessities. In addition there is a supermarket in the mall that people can shop.

Clarke Quay

It is 2.8 km away from Jervois Road. It has colorful buildings that’s appeals the eyes as well as bright lights. A lot of events especially in the evenings has nice scenes for photo shoot outs for tourists.